1. Lake Malawi Dispute: Pastor Masikamu Disagrees with Pastor Salanje on giving away what Belongs to Malawi – Nyasa Times

2. Religious leaders joining front line politics in Malawi: better than having political party trotters – Nyasa Times

3. Human rights or sinning rights? Homosexuality in Malawi  Nyasa Times

4. Hapless water and electricity supply, the greatest Malawi’s undoing on

development  Nyasa Times

5. MCP’S four corner stones and contemporary Malawian politics: Are they compatible? Nyasa Times

6. Amassing of public funds by our presidents! The constitution shares the

blame Malawi Voice

7. Avoid tribalism at all cost to prevent tribalism Malawi Voice

8. Of anti-god group in Malawi and constitutional  Nyasa Times

9. Continuous examinations leakage in Malawi: who is to blame? Malawi Voice

10. Does a man matter in a feminist world? Nyasa Times

11. The road to electoral graveyard  Malawi Voice

12. MCP dodges 2014 electoral cemetery – my advice to Dr.  Chakwera. Maravi Post

13. In defence of compulsory HIV testing in Malawi Nyasa Times

14. Part 2: political desperation retarding democratisation in Malawi Nyasa Times

15. Political slave trade in Malawi; when will Malawians be free? Nyasa Times

16. Malawi’s Ruling PP should table gays bill in Parliament before May 20, 2014. Nyasa Times

17. Tanzania, let us reason together over Lake Malawi dispute! Nyasa Times

18. The baby cries in the mother’s womb during abortion! Malawi Voice

19. The bonafide concerned assemblies of god members have fumbled again

on Chakwera’s leadership failure Malawi Voice

20. The MCP’s four cornerstones and the contemporary Malawian politics:

are they compatible? Nyasa Times

21. Malawi the peaceful country, still the poorest nation in the world Nyasa Times Malawi Voice

22. JB De-Campaigns Herself towards 2014 Tripartite Elections – Part one Nyasa Times

23. Embarrassing Malawi: Corruption, Looting and Leadership Crisis! So

what’s next? Nyasa Times

24. Where is the Loving God in Times of People’s Suffering? Anti-God

Activists Questioning. Nyasa Times

25. On God’s Existence: Atheist George Thindwa vs. Pastor Masikamu. Nyasa Times


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