About me

IMG_20130620_114246 I am a Malawian Pastor of the Church of the Nazarene who likes preaching, teaching, reading the bible and online news. I am married to Chipo Nyirongo and we are both blessed with a son Penjani Chris Masikamu. My blog site is about Government and Religion Issues on which I post articles related to governance/politics and religion. Some of my articles are published on Nyasatimes on http://www.nyasatimes.com (Column session).  I have so far published several articles commenting on issues related to Homosexuality, politics, national reserves, administration, morality, governance and religion. I am currently pursuing Master of Arts with Religion concentration at Africa Nazarene University. I am also a Research and Teaching Assistant at Africa Nazarene University (Religion Department). To know more about me, go to my public profile.

If you have any query or complement on my posts, please contact me on rmasikamu@gmail.com or robertmasikamu@yahoo.com. You can also interact with me on social medias. My Facebook name is Robert Masikamu and twitter @robertmasikamu. You can also send me your query by putting it up as a comment/reply under the article you have read. If I see that your comment/reply needs my response, I will put up an answer as a comment/reply under the same article.

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Thank you for following me up. From now on, you will be receiving my posts as soon as I publish them. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!


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