It is a known fact that the much awaited day in Malawi, the first ever tripartite elections is fast approaching with only 14 days remaining. The presidential candidates, aspiring MPs and ward counsellors are increasing campaign gears though not as 2009 campaign yet. Bingu’s campaign was hot. I expected more advanced campaign with cash gate but I am not impressed yet.


Well, that aside. What has attracted my attention is what people in different political camps are saying against each other’s history, mostly the four front runner parties; MCP, UDF, DPP and PP in order of their tenure. I have decided to have my say on my presidential choice.

I have heard people saying that, we should not vote for MCP because it is a party of killers, a party which violated people’s rights, a ng’ona party. They even go further to mention people they believe were killed by MCP during one party system. Some people they mention are Masauko Chipembere, Gadama, Matenje, Sangala just to mention but the notable ones. Condolence messages are pouring in on social media to their family members. I am just wondering, why now? The issue of Makhadi (registration cards) is also used to taint MCP image. They mockingly say, “Mwinatu inu munali ana.” Recently, a renowned historian, D. D. Phiri, attacked MCP four corner stones as what was part of people’s grievances against MCP rule. The question continues, why now D. D. Phiri?

In order of their tenure, UDF has not been spared. Those against UDF have attacked it on the basis of beating chiefs and pastors like me. The hunger and insecurity which rocked the country during its reign. They mention about kupopedwa magazi and many others. The mysterious death of Evison Matafale in the hands of the police has not been spared. The issue of corruption is also mentioned with reference to MK1.7 billion believed to have been pocked by Bakili Muluzi. The question is, why at this point in time?

DPP followed and those against it mention issues of violation of human rights even in multiparty system with reference to believed killing of Robert Chasowa and other 20 people on July 20, 2011. May their souls rest in peace! They also touch the issue of fuel and currency scarcity with manipulating laws against the majority’s wish not being spared. Reference is also made on the change of national flag. It’s interesting that some poor historians attack continued use of what they call national flag colours by MCP not knowing that the colours were originally MCP’s, that’s why Bingu thought it wise to change. They also say that hunger and insecurity engulfed the country during the last days of Bingu’s reign. The question remains, why now?

President Joyce Banda and her People’s Party have not been spared. A lot has been said against PP such as; skyrocketing of prices of goods on the market, poor decisions which have led some companies closing down thereby increasing unemployment leading to an increase in prostitution and theft and allowing Lake Malawi to go quietly to the taifas. Cash gate is a bomb shell against PP. Others have said that PP has killed many people than any other party which has ruled Malawi through Cash gate leading to lack of medication in hospitals. They wonder where the money JB is flushing out coming from. The Jet-gate is also an added salt and many others within two years of its rule.

My fellow Malawians, for the sake of sincerity, allow me to ignore other parties other than the four mentioned above. Not that they are outcasts but it’s a known that fact they may not take the government this time around, may be in the future. Even among the four, I must be honest, with the stories pointed above; I am confused as to which party is clean and trustworthy. Unfortunately these are the only choices we have at hand. It’s indisputable that one of these four parties will take the government come May 21. All supporters in these camps have confidence that their party will carry the day, something good but also worrisome because if the opposite happens when you think you won, God forbid violence may engulf the country. It’s even foolish that other camps are already preparing for violence if they lose; thank God, He is with Malawi. No weapon fashioned against Malawi shall prosper come May 20. Others, calling themselves prophets are busy confusing people even more with their questionable prophecies. To be honest, some of these so called prophecies are not prophecies at all but just predictions which any one can do. These prophecies (predictions) may even bring more confusion come May 20, because if those prophecies (predictions) in other party’s favour don’t come true, such a party will think its victory has been robbed because God chose it.

So which presidential candidate is my choice? After deep examination, I have realised that all the four front runner parties have their bad history but three of the presidential contenders have never ruled Malawi before. They may be my choice because we haven’t seen the work of their hands in such a position yet; unfortunately they are associated with the parties with wrong histories. I have however, realised that they are all Malawians, something good to me. I would advise you to follow my choice of the presidential candidate. My choice is that of the president who is a Malawian and has never been convicted of any crime. As long as the presidential candidate who will win is a Malawian, not a foreigner, I have no problem provided s/he cares about peace and prosperity. As we go closer to May 20, let us all be open minded to welcome any contender who comes out victorious, that way, we shall avoid post-election violence and embrace peace and prosperity. This is not withstanding your choice but its indisputable that one candidate will win. S/he may be from your camp or another but one thing is common, they are all Malawians so let’s welcome whoever comes for the sake of peace and prosperity.

I wish Malawi peace and prosperity forever and ever!



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