Hon. Gwengwe, Please tell Malawians if Politics is a Dirty Game and Evil

In the forthcoming general election, it is a known fact that either MCP, PP, DPP or UDF will run the government after May 20. We also know that politicians’ anxieties and BPs are increasing each day and night thinking seriously on how to campaign. It is unfortunate however that, when we thought Malawi politics is maturing, the likes of Sosten Gwengwe and Uladi Mussa continue with old style of the same. I thought Malawi is now civilised but it looks like I jumped my shadow so fast. I am just wondering, is politics a dirty and ungodly game? Could it be that those who are in politics don’t care about God? I am asking these questions to at least get answers from either honourable Uladi Mussa or Honourable Sosten Gwenge in respect to their castigation of the respected man of God Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera. I may not be MCP but I respect men and women of God. I mean those who operate their daily life with the fear of the Lord whether in politics or not. Gwengwe condemned Chakwera on a political rally at Mazengera Primary School ground saying it is a shame that MCP president Rev. L. Chakwera dumped his church service as an ordained pastor and go into politics. I would like Honourable Gwengwe to authentically inform us about the other side of politics which we may not have known which he and other veteran politicians know. During her inauguration ceremony as the president of this country, Madam Joyce claimed to have felt the Holy Spirit. Does it mean that Banda was lying against the spirit of God that He came upon her since there is no godliness in politics?

My understanding is that politics is one way of a call from God to serve His people. Only those who go into politics with construed understanding twist the true meaning of politics. Since they think politics is a dirty game they go into politics being ready to be dirty instead of bringing righteousness. These are the people who don’t have conscious to amass public resources for their selfish gain since in their hearts; there is no fear of the Lord Almighty in politics. Is Gwenge telling us that politicians are not doing a godly service? Is Gwengwe telling us that we should see politicians as people who have disobeyed God? I am just wondering because if it’s not that, I see nothing wrong with Rev. Chakwera to join politics if he is to bring clean politics and cleanse the whole system. I wonder if Gwengwe is afraid that if many God fearing people get into politics, there will be no chances for cash gating.

Meaning of Politics

Sosten Gwengwe: Photo credit - google

Sosten Gwengwe: Photo credit – google

Let me remind hon. wengwe if at all he knew. The term politics comes from the Greek word politikos, meaning of, for, or relating to citizens. Some dictionary meanings of politics are; “the profession devoted to governing and to political affairs”, “the art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.” A politician is “a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making.” This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions, whether by means of election or inheritance. Let Malawians know if there is anything wrong with Chakwera getting involved in doing that.

If it’s sinful for pastors to join politics, then honourable Gwenwe should first of all preach this sermon to PP gurus; Rev. Sembeleka, Rev. Malani Mtonga, Pastor Brown Mpinganjira, Rev. Peter Kaleso among others. Or, does it mean that PP is the church and its political rallies rivals? As far as I am concerned, I respect these men of God too in spite of their political party’s affiliation. What about John Chilembwe’s life we celebrate. Chilembwe’s fight against colonial leadership was political also. Or, does Gwengwe not know about this?

Back to Sunday school

Let me take honourable Gwengwe back to Sunday school for I believe he too is a Christian unless he disagrees with me from now hence forth. My bible tells me that, touch not my anointed one (Psalm 105:15). This God spoke even after Saul did wrong before God. Saul was anointed by God to be king and no one was allowed to kill him for any reason. It was God’s work to judge Saul by taking away his anointing and remove him from kingship. Reading from the bible, the Israelites insisted of having an earthly King to be like other kingdoms (1 Samuel 8:1-21). God through Samuel anointed Saul as their first King, then David (1 Samuel 16:1ff), after Saul had fallen short of the grace of God because of sin, then Solomon who even asked for wisdom to rule God’s people (1 Kings 3:1-15) etc. Kingship was a form of politics of that time. When you read 1 Kings and 2 Kings, you will note that God blessed Israel depending on the leader in power. God used to abandon Israel whenever the King became evil and disobeyed God but blessed them when the King led them to obeying Him. You may say that these people were not pastors, but remember, during that time religion and kingship were intertwined. God may be unhappy with Malawi because our leaders are ungodly and He wishes to change the situation for our good. Does honourable Gwengwe have any problem with that?

Basing on the Bible, leaders are to be chosen by God and if Rev Chakwera is really called by God to do so, he will surely win this forthcoming election and we will see the fruits of the Holy Spirit from him (Galatians 5:22-24). This will benefit the whole nation such as reduction in corruption, insults on political podiums, political party trotting which comes as a result of greed, promotion of immoral rights and other evils which have been dominant for the past 20 years. Does anyone have a problem with that? If Chakwera’s aspiration is influenced by self-interest, I pray that he loses this election to avoid more problems. In 1992/93/94, we cried for democracy just as Israelites cried for a king. God may work for our own good within the democratic world since that’s the only way one can use to lead the nation. However, when pastors get involved in politics, care should be taken not to allow politics become their god as others have done. Uladi Mussa calls Chakwera, a Galatian. When is he going to do what is right since being a politician equals a Galatian?

Constitutional Right

We should also note that the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi (Chapter 5:32:1) gives all its citizens freedom of association with joining politics inclusive. I believe that before everyone else becomes a pastor, s/he is a citizen who is entitled to all rights and freedoms stipulated in our constitution.  Chakwera is not an exception to this provision for he too is a citizen of this country. To me having a God fearing president would be to our advantage as opposed to Gwengwe’s fears.  Gwengwe’s insinuations remind me that we are in the world where Holiness is evil and evil is Holiness. These deceptive speeches only tell a story that PP’s greatest fear is MCP.

We know that democracy, the practice which started in the city of Anthens by such proponents as Aristotle is from two Greek terms; “demos”, meaning people, and “kratos”, meaning rule, means a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally, either directly or through elected representatives. Every citizen is a politician in one way or another. We are in one way or another associated with a particular political party including those who deny to vote. Politics is the way to rule or making decisions for the nation. It is not a dirty game but dirty people make it dirty. We make a voice by voting to put leaders of our choice on positions and remove those who have frustrated us. That is politics and there is nothing wrong with that. It is only a cursed nation that wishes to be governed by ungodly people. If Gwengwe is seriously looking forward to becoming the vice president of this country, he should consider being godly and respect others or we shall all be doomed when PP wins. It is as a result of the same ungodliness that we are crying of billions of Kwachas being amassed by few self-centred politicians. Change and only transformational change is what we need!


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