The Young Shall See Vision and the Old Shall Dream Dreams, the Case of Atupele Muluzi

As we all know, Malawi is counting down days to its first ever tripartite election on May 20 this year. The four top presidential hopefuls are lined up each one with his/her prophet. Some are being exposed of pocketing money to issue propaganda prophesies to blindfold people from seeing the rigging scheme in progress. Political analysts and Malawians as a whole have for a long time complained of political parties keeping their running mates a secret. They warned that it is not health for both electorates and political parties because of time factor. People need time to scrutinise the running mate and not only the presidential candidate. Parties need time to sell out their running mates on time for their own good too. Unfortunately, many parties have been adamant on these friendly advices. One wonders as to why each one was waiting for the other to announce the running mate. Could it be that the presidential candidates want to pocket something to influence their choice or they want to see from which region others will pick their running mates from before they draw their equation? Your guess is not far from mine.

Atupele Muluzi

Atupele Muluzi

Well, it takes a visionary leader to see the substance in what people of good will are saying. As the bible says, “… your old men will dream dreams; your young men will see visions.” Is this not the case of Atupele Muluzi? In every public presentation or interviews, the opening is not an easy task. All the presenters are always anxious especially the first presenter. Others may gain confidence after seeing that the first ones have triumphed, and then they relax and take a shallow breath. I am sure that it was not easy for Atupele to take the stage first before other candidates older than him. We expected that he will learn from them, but the tables have turned; now the old will follow and learn from the young Muluzi. This is being visionary and bold enough. Leadership is not about the age but vision given by God. There were many young kings in the bible including David who were successful than those who ascended to power when they were of age. Atupele Muluzi can make a good leader not because he is the son to the former president, but because, I see a young man of his own mind. Why have I written in support of the young Muluzi today? Here are my reasons;

God leaders take risk: Atupele had to take a risk of being analysed, scrutinised and criticised before any other presidential candidate. If he made a blunder in his choice, other candidates were to learn from him and make a better choice. Now that his choice seems impressive, other candidates are likely to panic as to how they will outclass the young Muluzi.

Good leaders lead and not follow: the leader is supposed to be in front of the follows to face any danger before anyone else. If he fumbled in his choice, other candidates would have avoided the pit after seeing that the leader (Atupele) has fallen into it. A good leader leads by example. Atupele has shown leadership quality of leading other candidates to follow suit.

Good leaders are proactive not reactive; Atupele has not waited to react on other candidates’ choices but has acted on time. He has already started selling his running mate.

How is Atupele’s choice?

My analysis is that Atupele’s choice is well calculated. He has chosen the person with vast experience in agriculture as Malawi’ economy depends on it than any other industry. He has picked someone appealing to the old generation as Atupele himself is appealing to the young generation. Lilongwe’s population is more than that of the whole northern region, meaning he is guaranteed of a good number of votes though not all. The young Muluzi has put religious differences aside and picked a Christian as a running mate, you know Muluzi is a Muslim. I think what we need is a good leader and religious differences should not be a limiting factor to a good choice of a running mate.

Geoffrey Chapola

Geoffrey Chapola

Chapola is clean in politics and not recycled as it is rumoured that other candidates want to pick recycled politicians for a running mate. We need clean politicians not cash gates. Chapola is educated and experienced in leadership and if not misled, he is likely to give a sound advice to the young Muluzi. I hope, the old Muluzi will not try to take control from the carrier when the son becomes president because his leadership did not impress many Malawians.

These are some of the qualities of Muluzi’s running mate; however, we are yet to know what we don’t know about him. In addition, Muluzi’s choice is not a guarantee to victory, for we are yet to know running mates for other candidates very soon who may be more appealing. The young Muluzi has to tread carefully for there is a saying also, “the first shall be the last,” but all the same, Kudos to Atupele Muluzi for boldness. I wish you all the best.


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