Promotion of Homosexuality, an evil attack on Family and Humanity

The family is the most important unit of society.  This is a fact that everyone must learn.  The family is not only the basic societal unit.  It is also the basic sexual unit, the basic child-raising unit, the basic communication unit, and the basic all-around fun and friendship unit.” Lawrence Wilson

The family is the major social institution of socialisation. It influences society more than any other institution and along with religion it is one of the symbolic institutions. Family is basic the unit of any society whether one likes it or not. It is very unfortunate that when other countries such as Nigeria and Uganda are constraining up laws which criminalise homosexuals, the poor Malawi is busy divulging its weaknesses of not respecting its laws, culture, nature and religious values. I have ever said it before somewhere and I will say it again that promoting homosexuality is not promoting human rights but sinning rights. One basic right and responsibility God gave us is to procreate which homosexuality violates. The practice of homosexuality is evil. We shouldn’t say that because people are involved in other promiscuous behaviours, then we should tolerate homosexuality, No! This may lead to legalising all acts considered immoral in the name of human rights. Some people barefacedly say that homosexuals do not harm anyone. This is shallow analysis of issues because homosexuality affects the basic unit of society which is the family.

The most obvious way that a family expands is through the birth of new members. Perhaps more important, however, is the act of marriage between a man and a woman, in this case not artificialising the two but natural ones.  I hope you understand what I mean. Through a marriage ritual, not only do two otherwise unrelated people become family, but two families become related as well. Marriage creates important social and familial bonds which, in turn, are part of the basis for society itself. God in his wisdom saw that it was not good for a man to be alone and he created him a suitable helper who happens to be a woman (Gen. 2:15-23) with different sexual organs to those of Adam who was a man for compatibility purpose of sexual satisfaction and reproduction. When you read this passage, you will notice that, Adam thanked God for creating a woman companion for him. We should not insult the wisdom of God that he made a mistake to create a man and a woman.  For many years, human procreation has depended on a union between a man and a woman and not a woman to a woman or a man to a man.

Tionge Chimbalanga and Steven Muonjeza

Tionge Chimbalanga and Steven Muonjeza

Homosexuality is having sexual attraction to and satisfaction with a person of the same sex. This defeats the purpose of procreation. Imagine if our forefathers and mothers decided to be gays and lesbians, would you and I be born? The answer is capital NO! Okay, let’s leave the past alone for it is just a history and it has less effect on our future, say, if all men and women decide to be homosexuals from today, will human kind be present in 100 years to come? It will definitely be extinguished. This is why I am saying that promotion of homosexuality is an evil attack on the family because it is against God’s intended purpose of creating a man and a woman and it is an attack on humanity because if tolerated humanity will be extinguished.

It is unfortunate that people who are married to people of opposite sex such as Gift Trapence of CEDEP and Mwakasungula (now on leave) have been in forefront promoting this evil act. I am not trying to judge anyone here for the bible teaches me not to judge others but the same bible teaches me to warn my neighbours. Correcting a wrong doing is not judging as others would understand. Yes, we need to preach salvation not judging, but salvation cannot be effective in the absence of condemning what is evil in the eyes of God.

It is infelicitous that the court is geared to review the homosexual laws without consulting the custodians of the constitution who are the citizens. I am not sure if the review will be in favour of the citizenry. This issue has a great national interest at heart and it is robbery to legalise homosexuality through backdoor (without a referendum). If it is the issue of constitutional review, why not have a second look on the whole constitution than only on laws related to homosexuality. Are we saying that legalising homosexuality in the Malawi’s pressing issue in the constitution? Has the constitution not failed us in many other ways? Reason out here please. Even a male dog recognises and follows a female dog for sexual satisfaction, what about human beings? Should a dog be better than us? Oh, give us a break; we have more pressing issues in Malawi than this nonsense. People are dying in hospitals because of lack of drugs, no maize in ADMARCs, low salaries with high prices and the judiciary wants to waste money by sitting down in the name of reviewing homosexual laws? What a pity.  If it is the issue of money, note that Malawi will not develop through aid that comes by legalising homosexuality but by citizens’ hard work and commitment to the nation.

Madam Banda repealed homosexual laws to please the so called donors, tell me, is Malawi any better now than before? Evil deeds will always attract the wrath of God not blessings.  I wish and hope that the judges will preserve our sovereignty and integrity by denying legalising evil in our society. We need to enjoy our families, not this nonsense. The bible in Romans 1:18-32 shows that, homosexuality was a sign of sin domination which should not be celebrated or promoted in any way. Lev. 20:13 says that “whoever lies with a man as with a woman (also a woman as with a man), they have both done an abomination.” Whatever is abominable before God is sinful and needs to be obviated. In Leviticus 20:10-16, homosexuality is also listed as one of a series of sexual offences alongside adultery, incest, and bestiality that are punishable by death. This tells us that homosexuality is a very serious sin before God. I understand that some of you may be uncomfortable with my citing of bible verses, but I am also sure that, there is no religion which supports homosexuality; even atheists know that it is only through the union of a man and a woman which expands the family unit.

If at all, homosexuality is a pressing issue in Malawi, why not conducting referendum to prove that, as it was with the dawn of multiparty in 1993? Malawi, be warned, the wrath of God!


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