Religious Concerns Facing the Contemporary Generation in Malawi

The Contemporary generation today is facing a number of challenges which are retarding the spread of the gospel. Christians would wish the gospel was so easy to share to the unbelieving communities but this is not the case today. Malawi is facing serious issues which are of great concern to Christian religion including Islam and others. Some of the religious concerns facing the contemporary generation in Malawi are;


  Malawi is one of the poorest nations in the world. This has encouraged leaders to be desperate of aid from other countries to help fulfil the country’s budget. Unfortunately most aids we have been receiving are having strings which are unbearable of which one of it is to promote human rights including gay rights. In November 2012, Malawi government suspended laws which criminalise homosexuals as a way to get aid from countries such as America, Britain and others. This has been a great concern to religious leaders in Malawi because the government suspended these laws against the will of the people. Religious leaders are saying this is against God’s natural design of sexuality while human rights groups are saying that it is people’s choice and right.

Legalising Abortion

Another religious concern in Malawi is that of abortion. Of late there has been a heated debate as to whether to legalise abortion or not. Religious leaders are saying that, abortion is as the same as killing because life begins at the conception while the human rights groups are saying that it is one’s choice to have a baby or not so abortion should be allowed to those who have gotten pregnancy when they don’t want to mother a baby. I also wrote an article on Nyasa Times online media where I emphasised that, it is better to intensify the message of abstinence other than killing the innocent upcoming life. Others agreed with me while others not, arguing that some men just impregnate women and run away from responsibility so it is better for a woman to abort than taking a sole responsibility over the acts of the two. Right now, the NGOs are drafting the bill for the parliament to consider legalising abortion while religions are still against it.

Constitutional Rights

Another religious concern facing the contemporary generation in Malawi is that of constitutional rights. People are beginning to put much faith on the republican constitution than on the bible, Quran or any other religious book. Some people including women are saying that, the bible is oppressive to them while the constitution is protecting and promoting their rights. They are saying that, the bible is full of patriarchal culture which is not gender friendly. On the same note, religious leaders are saying that the bible is valid to all generations and should be respected above the constitution.

Legalising Atheism

Promotion of atheism has become a recent concern to many religions in Malawi. The group called Association of Secular Humanism (Ash) is pushing its way into the registration and legalisation of this Association which has been receiving resistance from the government. Religious people are saying that humanism is the same as Satanism which is intended to mislead God’s people to promote the devil’s kingdom. The humanists are also claiming constitutional rights. Recently, two Human Rights Non-Governmental Organisations accused government of violating rights of people belonging to this Association. The religious concern is that, sin is entering the church in the name of human rights.

Legalising Commercial Sex

The contemporary generation in Malawi is really under pressure of many ungodly issues emerging in the country. At the beginning of this year, commercial sex workers formed an Association of Commercial Sex Workers (ACSW) citing that, the association is intended to promote and protect rights of commercial sex workers. They said that the association is formed as a result of sex workers being mistreated by the police and their clients who sleep with them and at the end, they are never paid. The association is intended to eliminate that. The religious concern is that, the association will promote promiscuity in the country diverting many young girls from morality.

Religion and Politics

The other religious concern facing the contemporary generation is Malawi is the recent trend when religious leaders are joining frontline politics. The former president of Assemblies of God in Malawi who served on this position for the past 24 years joined frontline politics and was on 10th August elected as Malawi Congress Party (MCP) 2014 torchbearer. Some religious leaders are in support of the move saying that it is better to be led by God fearing people than crooks while others are saying that, a pastor doesn’t need to abandon his flock for politics to bring change in the country for he/she can do that through distant advice. Religious leaders fear that if this continues, the church will lose many ministers to political positions bringing thereby compromising the spreading of the gospel.

The above issues are just few among many other religious concerns facing the contemporary generation in Malawi. The core concern is that promotion of these issues will lead many people to immorality and therefore abandoning God and leading them to hell. Some religious people are conceding that, these are the last days and there is less or little religions can do to change the trend. Religious leaders in Malawi are concerned that human rights have been completely misunderstood because rights which go against God’s will are sins and should not be advocated for. There is need for intensive evangelism and prayers so that the trend may change for the better.


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