The Hypocrisy of Malawian Politics

Hypocrisy is an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction. You may also call it “lip service”. It is all about suppressing own truth and abuse your tongue to speak the other. Hypocrisy is influenced by envy or covetousness.

Few days ago, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera politely asked for donations from MCP members and well-wishers and there was mixed reactions. Those of contrary opinion cited that the contribution is eliciting bad memories of atrocities committed by MCP; some thought Chakwera has enough money for campaign and wouldn’t need their help while others said that the contribution goes deep into the pockets of the poor. Those for the opinion said that, the idea is welcome development and gives people chance to own the party instead of making it a personal property.

I am not a politician myself but at times I get irritated by politicians’ untrustworthiness. This deficiency is not only in Malawi but all over the world with African countries on the higher side. Sometimes I happen not to dare trusting any politician. However, their untrustworthiness does not mean all other upcoming politicians will follow suit. There is always room for change and true change is given by God. It is hypocritical for politicians or contrary supporters to inculpate the idea Chakwera is advocating for. In fact it is pathetic reasoning. Since time in memorial, no presidential candidate under the umbrella of a political party uses his/her pocket money for campaign. If such a thing happens, the autonomy of such a party is under threat of leadership abuse. Chakwera used his money to campaign for his aspiration, now he is under the umbrella of MCP, it is indefensible to expect him starve his family for the party’s sake as if he owns it.

MCP is not the first grouping to ask for contributions. In America loyal members of the party do willingly contribute towards the running of the party. Many groupings such as football clubs, churches, associations, unions, organisations, choirs and many others do “big walks”, attach membership fee or visit offices for contributions towards its costs. When building community schools and healthy centres, residents contribute by bringing water and sand. No one of good will moans about such moves. Isn’t it fair that Chakwera has politely asked members as opposed to Maulidi’s public outbursts on fellow members for contributions? Kamuzu Banda used to willingly send monetary contribution to Nyasaland African Congress (NAC) to support its fight against British colony. In 1992/3/4, democratisation was supported by well-wishers. I mean UDF, AFORD etc. never got money from MCP government to support its campaign against one party rule but well-wishers who needed change i.e. churches. The cases of DPP and PP are contrastive.

  DPP was formed after its leader dumped the party which sponsored him. Joyce Banda did not sweat to get to power. You know it was as a result of our leader’s demise, now that it is in government, chances of taking advantage of public funds are high. These two parties ascended to power through unusual routes. MCP has not been in power for almost 20 years, it is not a surprise that it doesn’t have money, so I see nothing wrong for Chakwera to ask well-wishers’ contributions, after all no one is forced.

Some people have said that K100 contribution is reminding them of MCP’s ruthless leadership. Which party has not offended Malawians? Remember UDF regime beating chiefs and pastors, created hunger due to careless leadership that was self-centred, insecurity, increased corruption, what about Matafale’s death and many impunities. UDF abolished fees in primaries only to reintroduce it highly in the name of development fund. Isn’t that hypocrisy? Remember DPP’s atrocities of intolerance, constitutional and human rights abuse, insecurity, tribalism and nepotism, death of 20 people on July 20, 2011, fuel and forex shortage, what about Robert Chasowa’s death and other impunities. What about PP’s insecurity, high cost of living with poor salaries, job losses due to closing down of businesses? Have you so quickly forgotten? Are these not atrocities? I thought these are so un-decomposed to remember than those of MCP? No earthly government is perfect, only that of God is. Note that to youths MCP’s atrocities are like movie clips because they never experienced them and dwelling on them is like a waste of time. History is to be remembered and yet not to be lived.  It is meant to shape a better future and not to correct the past. Contribution through the cards was a good idea; the only regrettable thing was its harsh escort. Since MCP’s relinquishing of power in 1994, the following parties have failed to provide citizens with national IDs which has contributed to increased illegal immigrants. Also note that, it was the same people blaming MCP who were in MCP. Some of these politicians committed atrocities in areas since some of them were area chair persons of MCP, if not them, their fathers then. Atupele’s father was MCP’s secretary general; who else knows the party’s secrets other than the secretary? Thoko Banda’s father was in MCP, Ntaba was in MCP and many others so don’t be hypocritical here.

By choice other parties organise their party colours’ nights fundraising campaigns of which MCP has not favoured may be to avoid failing paying usherettes, DJs and others due to less gain than expected. PP organised its fundraising campaign and claimed to get MK100 million attributed to well-wishers. Who knows these well-wishers? Isn’t it sincere that we all know where MCP is getting its campaign funds? What is wrong with Malawians that we tolerate cheaters/looters and frustrate honest people? Besides the four cornerstones, MCP has new ideologies, “A Better and Prosperous Malawi is Possible, it Starts with me”, “A Party of the People by the People for the People”. “Nothing for us without us”, and not “nothing for us without me”. One African scholar John Mbiti in his book said, “I am because we are” not we are because I am. Thus the party is, because members are part of it even in trying moments. This defines democracy and for it to be realised practically, members need to support the party in a way they can. In politics, leadership change is not enough without campaign. MCP hasn’t asked help from the government, UDF, DPP or PP but its members, so, no need for alarm. In Kenya, citizens are encouraged to contribute towards the welfare of each other in the name of “Harambe” introduced by its founding president, Jomo Kenyatta. Malawians, hand-outs promote dependency syndrome, contribution promotes hard work.

You know we are in democracy, and I don’t think MCP can dare forcing people to contribute or committing atrocities it so did. Such acts can easily backfire. That time, MCP was the government and the government was MCP so judiciary, legislature and executive arms of government were MCP since by default all people were MCP members. I hope Chakwera is not discouraged by these political dissimulators since true MCP members are not complaining but rather geared to support their beloved party regain its glory. Let’s not divert people from real issues. MCP is running its campaign; let others clean their houses also, instead of wasting time.


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