False Prophet in Nairobi, Kenya Exposed

One famous self-proclaimed Tele-prophet in Nairobi, Kenya has been exposed of abusing his office for self-enrichment. Dr. Prophet Victor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministry Church has been charging people for miracle prayers. The prophet whose services I have watched on television, his sermons centre on prosperity and insist on sowing a seed of 310 Kenyan Shillings, an equivalent of MK1171 which could be sent on mobile money transfer for prayers which could be done on the mobile phone also. The figure 310 is said to signify perfection in Christian circles. The prophet found himself exposed as some people who needed prayers could not hide of being asked money by the prophet for prayers. One asked this prophet to pray for his dying son but the prophet asked for money which the stranded father of the boy did not have. The man in desperation went looking for money but couldn’t get it on time. He phoned the prophet to consider praying for his dying son promising to pay the money later but the prophet declined insisting on him to sow a seed first. It happened that television journalist noted the man’s desperation and they took a shot when he was talking to the prophet on the phone. The television Journalist of NTV also called him pretending to be a client seeking prayers for his detained container and he was charged Ksh7, 777 which he said he didn’t have and the prophet declined to pray.

The man does not end on asking for money when it comes to ladies. In a case of a woman looking for a miracle of a child due to barrenness, the man of God demands that he should be the father of the first child. One woman who was with a television journalist, talked to the prophet asking for prayers for her to have a child but the prophet asked, if she would allow him to be the father of her first child.

Another man of God in the same city was in controversy some months ago when he faked a miracle. With his connection to prostitutes, he brought one of them named Esther Mwende to his service. He told the woman to twist her mouth pretending that she has a disabled mouth and needed to be prayed for. He prayed for her and appeared to be healed unfortunately or fortunately some people knew the prostitute that she was not disabled but just faked it. This was done to attract more people to his ministry for monetary gains.

The question people are asking is where do some of Kanyari’s miracles which seem to be genuine come from. Is it God, god or Satan? It is also surprising that his ministry has multitude of followers despite scandals.

Some pastors, who were interviewed by privately owned National Television (NTV), warned that people should not be looking for miracles but salvation should be their priority. They continued by quoting the bible which says, “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8, saying that anyone who is a true man or woman of God cannot ask for money in exchange of prayers. They however noted that, many people look for miracle workers because of looking for instant answers to their problems which is dangerous for spiritual life because even devil worshipers can perform miracles. Jesus said in the last days, there shall be false prophets who will perform miracles in my name. Beware! Do not let your desperation mislead you.

I am a Nyasa Times Columnist and any news website wishing to publish this article should kindly seek permission from Nyasa Times before doing so. All rights reserved


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