MCP Dodges Electoral Cemetery: My Advice to Dr. Lazarus Chakwera

Dodging Electoral Cemetery

As the dates for holding the convention were static, not subject to postponement, the fears and anxiety engulfed members of MCP including the lost sons and daughters who seized fire in supporting the party due to its resistance to rebrand. The fears were as a result of MCP’s tsa, John Tembo who insisted on rerunning for presidency and trimming the number of contestants to avoid new blood taking over leadership. Other NEC members such as Jobvuyalema insisted on trimming the candidates, saying “tasungachipani” forgetting that the parties in Malawi belong to all Malawians.They also forgot that, there are people who have been voting for MCP despite itscontinuous defeats and little did they know that people are tired with them. Can you imagine Njobvuyalema getting only 7 votes thought of leading the party?We thank God that the long awaited MCP convention is done and gone with success in favour of the majority.

Let me not forget to thank Honourable JZU Tembo for keeping this party that far despite challenges, offers and insults he received fromother parties. He deserves respect though the convention’s results may have not been his honest interest. I also congratulate Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera for God’s entrustment of the party’s leadership. I know that Chakwera’s victory is not good news to all Malawians especially those who wished the party to be completely buried and forgotten because his coming is a threat to unfocussed politicians who don’t have policies for Malawian development.The fears of MCP members could be true if Tembo forced himself into the system but we thank God that he allowed the delegates to decide without which MCP could be buried in 2014 because it could lose miserably or be sold to another party, but it has wisely dodged the electoral cemetery. Many thanks to the wise delegates!

Others have argued that Chakwera did not have to join politics to change things in Malawi but through distant advice. Well that may be true depending on your point of argument but I see nothing wrong for him to join front line politics if God has called him to that service. We can’t divert God’s will. If we believe that leadership comes from God, what is wrong with a man of God to be a president? Is presidency sinful and entrusted to sinners? If presidency is one way of serving God and the people, then there is nothing wrong for the right Reverend to join politics, after all he did not run away from ministry. He served in the AG faithfully and now in a different way.It is only thieves and wicked people who may condemn religious leaders joining politics for fear of having no space for corruption. Only political leaders without direction will condemn Chakwera’s political success because they know that many people who left MCP and join their parties will go back due to its rebrand. God sets up governments and He did that with Israel by appointing Saul, David and others as kings, though they were not pastors, they were chosen by God. So what is wrong if God has chosen Chakwera to bring change we can trust in Malawi?

The success of Chakwera over Tembo, Njobvuyalema, Kanjere, and others show that people are tired of veteran political vipers who talk the walk instead of walking the talk. They are tired of politicians who have run out of ideas except dreaming technologized insults. They are tired of shadow leaders who want to please donors other than God. They are tired of greedy politicians who think about themselvesand not the nation. They are tired of politicians who are tolerating evils of homosexuality, abortion, atheism corruption, amassing of poor tax payers money. They are tired of politicians whom their priority is to gain votes instead of serving the people.

Chakwera’s victory should be a warning to many veteran politicians for many will face rejection in 2014. Some politicians should start packingto avoid embarrassment in 2014 as Tembo has just experienced because people are tired of you already and think 2014 is delaying. I would also advise Tembo not to even attempt running for parliamentary seat but to retire completely.

MCP is reviving and born again indeed. Chakwera’s victory shows that people want to entrust new blood with leadership than those in the game now. Indeed when you are driving a car carrying passengers, you think you are the only driver in there, not knowing that some passengers are even better drivers than you. If the prophesy I heard about is anything to go by, then no matter what happens Chakwera is to take over leadership come May 2014.Unless there is another born gain Christian who is yet to come out, thatprophesy is partly fulfilled.

When you hear what people are saying, it shows that they were waiting for MCP to elect a torchbearer because they never trust any from other parties. Some were undecided as to who to vote for while others thinkingto default their voting right but they arenow charged for voter registration. Looking at parliamentary seats won by MCP in 2009, you would agree that MCP was dying but now has hope that even if it doesn’t win in 2014, it has high chances of reclaiming many seats. I see lost sons and daughters going back to their father party as 2014 is getting closer. Otherparties are now busy creating lies to de-campaign Chakwerabecause they don’thave policies to convince voters, all they know is hate speeches.

My advice to Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera

I advise honourable Chakwera to seriously consider working with those he was competing with such as Munlo, Jumbe and others so that the party is not divided. He should consider appointing Munlo as his 2014 running-mate because his votes show that a good number of people trust him also only that there should be a winner. Rev. Chakwera should be focused, not destructed byotherparty’s hate speeches. He should expect that in Malawi’s politics but should not dare to revenge. That is what modern Malawians are looking for. The more you talk bad about othersinsubstantially, the more you lose your own popularity and campaign for that particular person because once people know that you are a character assassinator, you are finished. You should unite Malawi; don’t let power corrupt you to forget God but fulfilling His will. Don’t let down the faith community, do civilised, and God fearing campaign with people’s problems at heart. Remember the book of Kings, any king who misled people brought God’s wrath on his nation, we don’t want that. Remember, God punishes those He loves (Heb. 12:6) and if you disappoint God, your punishment will be felt by every citizen. I am saying this assuming your victory in 2014 election.Show us that you are different!

Congratulations Reverend and May God guide you as you listen to Him.

I am a Nyasa Times Columnist and any news website wishing to publish this article should kindly seek permission from Nyasa Times before doing so. All rights reserved


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