12 Questions To Be Answered By Humanists To Prove That God Doesn’t Exist

There have been a number of people in Malawi and around the world  calling themselves humanists/atheists such as

I dare say that humanism is just a fallacy:  Let 'Thindwa' answer following questions Mr. Thindwa disputing the existence of the almighty God. In my reaction to this fallacy, I would like these people  to answer the following 12 questions proving that they are not misleading God’s people.

1. How did what exists come to exist before anything existed?

2. Where did man come from?

3. How did it happen to be a man and a woman and not only a man or a woman?

4. Without sneaking into the bible, tell us what existed first between man, animals, vegetation,

water, sky bodies and land and why in that order?

5. Where does the sky end? Prove it.

6. Have you ever believed in God’s existence before and why? What made you stop believing in

His existence, if you ever believed before, poverty or riches, healthy or sickness.

7. If you don’t believe in God’s existence, why do you even mention the name “God”? I mean,

does something that does not exist have a name?

8. It is clear that miracles do happen, with your science; tell us, how does this happen? E.g. the

deaf and the blind recovering instantly after faithful prayers.

9. I am Pastor Robert Masikamu and you’ve never seen me, do you believe that I do exist? If yes,

with your science prove my existence while you’ve not seen me.

10. The bible (Psalms 53:1) says that, “a fool says in his heart, there is no God, they are corrupt,

and their ways are vile; there is no one who does good” and this was written long time ago.

Does this apply to you? If yes or no, why?

11. You were told of the date you were born; do you believe and tell people about it? Your

memory was not fully developed then, why do you believe in what you were just told? In

addition, you were told about the people who existed before you and you have not even seen

their pictures, do you believe they ever existed or they are just cheating you? Prove you


12. My last but not least question is, do you only believe in existence of what is seen, felt and

tangible and not what is not seen, felt and tangible?

You humanists/atheists, come out and answer these questions clearly proving that you are not misleading people. Our country is becoming paganistic because of people like you so you must answer these questions and if you fail to do so, then please keep quiet and stop misleading people and leading them to hell with your fallacies.

After you answer these questions, I will come out clearly to give reasons as to why I believe God really exists. Should you have any questions, please go ahead and I will give you answers as well.


I am a Nyasa Times Columnist and any news website wishing to publish this article should kindly seek permission from Nyasa Times before doing so. All rights reserved


One Response

  1. Good agonizing quests Bob, let these guys give their honest answers, ‘cursed is the nation whose God isn’t Yahweh.’ conversely paraphrasing Psalm 33:12, which says: “blessed is the nation whose God is Yahweh….” If malawians believe what these atheists say, then we should be crying when all sorts of socio-political, and economic issues creep in our country…

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